Wild Wild Wet

Been talking about it with Pauline for some time,
and we finally made it to the Wild Wild Wet water park!

Headed to IKEA to get replacement blubs, and the ikea is huge! Comparing to the one in
Hong Kong, the one in HK is like nothing :P

Thats the way ikea should be!

We had our favorite  meat ball dish and Pauline wants the Chicken Wings!
Easy comfort food before the play!

After that we meet up Shemin and Pat and head to the water park!

Its 37 degree outside and its a perfect day for fun!

Overall the play is nice and fun, even though its abit smaller than
I thought,  but everything is good in there!

More information:
Website: http://www.wildwildwet.com/

Map of Wild Wild Wet Theme Park (click on map for bigger view)


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