Upper Pierce Reservoir

What are those black coloured things on the road?!

Upper Pierce Reservoir

Monkeys! There’s lots of them along this stretch of road.. like 30-40 of them.. and you see some of them carrying their little baby monkeys around with them! Very cute!

Upper Pierce Reservoir Monkies

But why are they at the roads?! That is because…

People had been feeding them along the roadside, and they got used to it.. so they think this place is their source of food. So looking at people in their cars with their pitiful eyes, they are hoping for some food spared to them. Many gave in to their pitiful look and fed them, and this actually resulted in many monkeys being killed by the cars itself, as they had been lingering around the roads all the time. It has been reported in the news before. :( So please.. do not try to feed them.

And at the end of the stretch of road… we reached Upper Pierce Reservoir. It’s actually quite nice. I’m sorry that my phone camera does not justify it, it has bad resolution and colours :P

Many people jog at this place… very clean and quiet place.

Bert Bert tried to asked Shiro to try go into the waters… but he is so ‘chicken’ and refused to barge. He stuck his butt into the grass and refused to move. Haha.. he is scared of waters, ever since some incident at Sentosa beach :P

This morning, though short visit to the place, but it was enjoyable :)


  1. Andrew says:

    The Pierce Reservoir sure looks like a nice place to have a walk and to bring the doggie out for fun!!

    Does shiro likes the monkey?

  2. Pauline says:

    Yup! It is!

    There is a 15mins boardwalk to the Lower part of the Pierce Reservoir. Quite nice too, to walk through the jungle.. to the boardwalk just above the waters of the reservoir. Let’s go look the next time! Its beside the famous Casaurina Roti Prata place. So care for Roti Prata b4 the outing?! :D
    That’s my motivation!

    Shiro, as usual, barks non-stop at the monkeys, being very defensive as he has never seen monkeys before….. Woooof Wooof Wooof!!!

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