Turtle Cove, Stanley, Big Wave Beaches

The Sun is finally out! So it’s time to go for some Beach Play~

Located in Hong Kong Island, Turtle Cove is one of Andrew’s favourite little beach.

The water is not as clear as it should be today due to the crazy rainy days few days ago, and much debris was washed into the sea from the mountains, so we avoided going into the waters this time, but only stayed on sand, lying in the sun :)

Later on, we also went to Stanley Beach to look. And we encounter the ice cream truck! Andrew and me cannot resist the temptation of the white fluffy creamy ice cream on a hot sunny day, so ….

Andrew is happy with his ice cream now.

Stanley Beach is really nice too~ We could come here the next time for beach play..

The weather is cooling with nice breeze in the evening. Neither too hot nor too cold… so we decided to have our dinner – mini picnic at the beach (O yes, again!!). At Big Wave beach, the sky seemly filled with stars and planes flying by. The quiet beach at night was really comforting with the nice breeze.

We really love going to beaches :)

After a whole day of Beach Play, we got really tired and headed home, and totally forgot to replenish the milk in the fridge for my breakfast… So, a tat tiny weeny disappointed with no milk for breakfast (-_-” yes, i love milk so much), i went to take my bath after the long day, only to come out of bath and find Andrew missing in his room. 5 mins later, he came into the room… with a notti face, whipped out a packet of milk from his pocket!!! hahaha… my silly sweet boy secretly rushed out again just to buy me milk while i was bathing… :*)

The day ended with the usual sweet dreams game play before we both dozed off into sleep :P