Tokina 12-24mm Ultra Wide Lens!

Been with the new Tokina 12mm-24mm for about 2 months now, you might as well notice that Pauline and I is having so much more self portraits pictures!! Special thanks to the Ultra wide, finally we were able to take pictures on our own!!

Tokina 12-24 f4.0 ATX Nikon AF Pro DX Digital SLR Zoom Lens

If you are a Nikon user, the Tokina offers a great deal for this zoom range. Comparing it to the Nikon 12-24mm lens, this is only about 1/2 the price…the pay off…sure its the sharpness….

Over all this is a fun lens to use.  LOTS of distortion but if you were able to make good use with the angle, it could be a really nice all purpose lens!

Online Comparison:

Offical Web Site:


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