The MINI repair!

Having a 4 days long Easter Holiday, so I decided to do
Fixing the Power Steering Pump, changing new Spark plugs, air filter!!

For those MINI owner might know, the Power Steering Fan will gets noisy after a while, and if you bring it back to the mechanic to have it fixed, they will charge you a unreasonable amount of money to fix it, for my mechanic, they asked for HK$1800 for the fix and so I decided to go DIY!

Power Steering Pump Fan Replacement Parts:
Original BMW# 32416781742
asking for only HK$870 from “Wa Luen” in Mong Kok!

Picture from 

 Have the car jack up, the fan can be located very clearly…

As you can see, the old fan DOES NOT have a protecting coil to it and that is the reason why the Fan could get spoiled so easily!!  There is only 2 hexagon screen at the bottom of the fan and you could take it off with a 13mm wrench.  Carefully disconnect the connecter and here it is!

Old fan down…New fan in!

To test the fan if its functioning well, turn on the air con and the power steering fan will start working too!

as easy as that, HK$1000 saved.
Thanks alex for borrowing me  the tools!


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