The Making of Clam Chowder!

Fresh Live clams from Cheung Sa, Lantau Island! The metal spoon is the little trick to make the clams to spill out the sand!

With the Clams that we clammed from Cheung Sa, I have decided to make Clam Chowder with it!
Reason for making it was mainly because….I wanna make sure that they will be thoroughly cooked!

Andrew’s Recipe (Serve 5):


  1. 1 Whole Yellow Onion
  2. 2 Potatos (Baking Potato would be a good choice for its tenderness)
  3. +-5 Strip of bacon
  4. Whatever amount of clams
  5. +-1 Cup of heavy cream
  6. +- 1/2 can of Del Monte Creamed Corn
  7. 2 Celery Stalks
  8. Some Flour
  9. Some Butter
  10. Some Sea Salt and Freshly grinned Black&White Pepper 


  1. Dice the onions, potatos, bacon
  2. Heat up the cooking pot with butter and brown the bacon until crispy
  3. Take out the bacon bits and remain the juice in the cooking pot
  4. cook the onions until it turn transparent, add a little salt and white pepper to it at this time.
  5. During the meantime, cook the clams on another pot until it cracks open.  Because I want to take the shell out and would like to keep the clam juice, I boiled them for 15 mins.
  6. Do not drain the clam cooking stock.  Take the clams out, discard the shell and keep the clam meat on a separate bowl.
  7. Cook the diced potato with the clam stock for 20 mins, you may want to make sure that there is no sand in the clam stock before doing so.
  8. Heat up the onion again, add heavy cream, the potatos with the clam juice, creamed corn, celery and flour (until desired thickness).  Add salt to desire saltiness.
  9. Garnish the soup with the bacon bits, black pepper and some fresh green onion or chives!

Nice and filling :) The Cheung Sa Clams were outstanding too!


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