The Leap Years

It happened that this Leap Year, Karen & I watched this Singapore Production Movie “The Leap Years” in February 2008. With its DVD finally released last week, quickly grabbed it and post it in the mail for My 安德魯(Andrew)先生。

The Leap Year, February 29; it’s significance, the rare occurrence of this date, once every 4 years.

Movie At A Glance

With regards to Saint Bridget’s Leap Year Irish traditional (if you did not know yet, it was so in the past), to a man must agree to a woman’s proposal on February 29th, lest he would have to pay a fine for his refusal, such as a kiss, or a silk gown, or even a monetary fine.

A simple story with underlying love messages. A resolute mentality towards holding your own dream and having the courage to plunge into a dream believing that your true love is there waiting for you. Finding the story very heart-warming, touching the heart with the life quotes and philosophy of love (as quoted below), yet so heart wrenching with their union and sad partings, the waiting and endless torture of waiting of love’s return.

“Our fates are already written down in a book from the time we were born, sometimes, we just want to take a little peep into that book”

It reminds me of us; to fate we meet, holding courage and a huge leap of faith to where we are now.

“Coincidence is God’s way of reminding anonymous” ~ Albert Einstein

Doesn’t ‘he’ had always never failed to do this to us? :)

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves” ~ William Shakespeare

“If you are not too long, I will wait for you all my life” ~ Oscar Wilde

To Andrew,
Your Singaporean girlfriend is sending you some love from Singapore. In the form of homespun love story that comes from a Singapore production movie, adapted from a Singapore author’s book, filmed in her Singapore hometown, with some familiar Singapore place that you might recognize, wrapping it up with one of my loved singer, Corrine May, who is Singaporean as well, all in all with a tiny hint of Cantonese in it ☺
As the story said, the most common word used is “miss” not “love”.
I miss you always :)
ps: u’ve got mail!

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