The Ice Cream Truck

Hong Kong ice cream truck VS SG ice cream car

Hong Kong Ice Cream Truck VS Singapore Ice Cream ‘Truck’

ice cream cone VS ice cream biscuit

HK ice cream truck sells Mister Softee’s Ice cream: – white, soft, creamy, milky, vanilla flavour ice cream that come in a cone. The crispy biscuit cone is quite yummy~
SG’s ice cream car sells Wall’s ice cream: – different flavoured ice cream blocks wrapped in between the choice of waffle biscuits or colourful kind of bread. The usual kind of ice cream flavour choice from Strawberry ripple, chocolate, mint choc, vanilla, mango, durian, etc

No matter how different our type of ice cream truck is, it sure is part of our childhood and we grew up with these, which brings back the reminisces of our silly happy childhood of ours. And ice cream could make anyone happy!

Boy happy with ice cream

am sure he is! :)

ps: This post is inspired by the Parking Wars in Facebook


  1. Andrew says:

    Love that giant size ice cream “Brick-look-alike” from the ice cream truck in Singapore!

    Meanwhile, the ultra creamy and fresh soft ice cream from the HK Ice Cream trucking making it an irresistible treat on a beach day out!

  2. Andrew says:

    It kinda reminds me of the hot and right-out-of-the-pan sausage…. so that people used 2 piece of bread to hold it…..

    and in the hot and warm Singapore, people just doing it the other way round!

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