The Fujifilm F100fd!

Bye bye Panasonic LX2, Welcome the Fujifilm F100fd!
Finally, I could not stand the noisy LX-2 and replaced it with the Fujifilm F100fd!


Bye Bye:

Noticing I do not have much chance (or much “heart”) to fully utilize the PSAM (full manual) mode and the ONLY great ability to take great pictures under the sun.   I have decided to go for the the F100fd with its better ISO control and better skin tone for my handy daily use between meeting with friends!

Great usable ISO (100-1600), Super CCD sensor and the lovely fujifilm color tone is what captured my attention!  This is the camera I can finally bring for indoor and for dinner!

Handheld Picture shot! Sharp evening images with the amazing stability system with great ISO!

More Pictures to come.  Happy Shooting!