Sweet ‘Comfort’ Parcel

Something sweet came in today by UPS mail again… :)

After a whole week of dreadful crazily frustrating work week, just at the end of the week, a SURPRISE came in for me today again! :D Received a big heavy parcel… and Opening it…

 Wahhhhh………:D so much sweet stuff!!

Each gift, thoughtfully picked out just for me. From the pretty lavender umbrella to shelter me to n fro work, sweet apple scent hand lotion to pamper my tired hands, cough candy to smooth my throat, blueberry sweets that he said is good for my eyes, new comfy mousepad for work too, art pens to write on our photoframes, the cute bin badly needed in my room, my fav lavender scent for relaxing purpose, milk candy to relieve my milk cravings at work, my fav magazines and many many more!!!

Just simply comfort me for the whole week’s hard work! :*)

You’re the sweetest one, Darling!


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