Super POOOPPing!!

After months of finding, the REAL popcorn pen was found in Hong Kong…

So Pauline will demonstrating the super popping Pop Corn Pen!!!!

Step 1, Write something with the PopCorn Pen…Thicker writing gives you more pop!

Heating it up with Hair Dryer…but it seemed to be time consuming….so……..

 We decided to microwave it for 10 sec!!!! but turn out…………

Super POP!!!!!!! It was really hilarious and the pop corn pen is really COOOOL!!!


  1. Sal says:

    OMG,this is hilarious!hahahahha where can we buy it? and will the bubble things shrink after some time?or stays in shape? HAHAHA I want it!!

  2. Pauline says:

    the pop out ‘karhey’ name is still lying around in my room. Still as POPped. :) definately can stay more than 3 hours.. can last for days :P

    let me ask karhey to tell u where he got it :)

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