Spring BBQ

BBQ area

In Spring time, the weather is chill and very comfy.

We went to BBQ in the noon with Andrew’s Family & Friends at some BBQ site. There are many of these BBQ sites in Hong Kong and it’s a more common activity to BBQ than in Singapore.

We were seated in a circle, bbq-ing food on sticks. There was plenty of food – chicken wings, home-made char siew, fish cakes, sushi, fishballs, cuttlefish balls, beef steaks, mushrooms, fruits, etc

Kannie desperately wanna play with the other dogs there, and whine non-stop, looking very 可怜

Kannie wanna playannoyed Kannie

so when Kannie was finally unleashed, he ran around the place so happily, and played with other dog’s ball, refusing to give it back and wouldn’t let anyone catch him! Making Andrew chasing him around the park :P

Ooooh, and Kannie even stole some food and chew on it, which made everyone so worried, so he had to get back on his leash… and he look really unhappy and annoyed after that. haha… playful Kannie.

Kannie Kwan & AndrewPauline & Kannie Kwan

The day spent with Andrew’s family was very pleasant.

Thx to Uncle Ben, Auntie Betty & Lulu for preparing the wonderful spread of BBQ for the day’s enjoyment!
and of cos, also the sushi snacks from Anthony :)