Singapore Jurong Bird Park – 裕廊飛禽公園

20 years after Pauline’s first visit to the Singapore Jurong Bird Park, we have decided to revisit the park and it was amazing!

Singapore Jurong Bird Park
The Park Entrance

With over 4600 birds from 380 different species on 202,000 square meters land,
everyone could  have a fun day in there!

Singapore Bird Park
Pauline with the flower penguin!

Singapore Penguin Coast
The indoor Panguin Coast was closed when we visit! Quite a disappointment for us :(
It is the 2nd largest penguin habitat in the world! It was one of the reason that we came to the bird park! So if you were going FOR the penguin coast, please call the park ahead and make sure that its not under maintenance schedule!

Singapore Penguins
Cute little Africa penguin.  So sweet and he loves the cuddle from the park rangers!

Singapore Bird Park
The birds are just not afraid of people and these blue ones actually tried to approach us!

Beautiful beautiful bird!

Singapore Pools Amphitheatre
The Pools Amphitheater show was fun and the birds are smarter than we thought!

Singapore Bird Park Jurong
Displaying all sort of Pauline favorite food!

Singapore Bird Park
In the movie/cartoon, this kind of bird are always the BAD ones!


Our tips…forget the Panorail ride…
for the cost of SG$5 each person, it only allows you to hop on and off for 1 time only!
it just does not worth the price!