Shek O Mini Golf

It is our 3rd Mini Golf Challange and Andrew finally won the battle! Its now a 2(Pauline):1(Andrew) status and so far we have done it in three different country! Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong (Please view earlier blog)! Sounds like a world tour isn’t it :P

Shek O Mini Golf Shek O Mini Golf!

So this time, we were in Hong Kong Shek O and its the one and only Mini Golf range here.  Located next to the Shek O beach, with only 9 holes and made up of hard solid granite rock…its gonna be a tough to play!

Shek O Mini GolfI am going to start the game!

Shek O Golf

Shek O Miniature Golf

Shek O GolfThe Great Wall!

Hong Kong Miniature GolfHeadache-ing how to deal with it!

Hong Kong Miniature GolfAnd Pauline went inside the whole thing!!!

At last, I won the game (finally) and we concluded that the Shek O Mini Golf had the WORST setup! Hard concrete floor had made the ball real bouncy and the obstacle were really challenging!

After the game, Pauline and I went for a tan and to cool us down from the exciting game we had :P

Shek O BeachThe Shek O beach next to the Mini Golf

More pictures of the day can be viewed HERE

Location of the Mini Golf:

Please Click on the Map for more detail for the location!

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