SG Mount Faber Revisit!

Mount Faber sure do mean something to me.  Its the first place that I visited for my first SG adventure!
Since the San Katong Laksa Steamboat restaurant was just near by, I brought Pauline to revisit the place after 1.5 years time. Having the camera this time, sure theres gonna be some picture moments!

There is a few Merlion in Singapore… The biggest one I believed that is in the Sentosa, and the Medium size (plus puking) is located near the opening of the Singapore River and the smaller one…

Is here on Mount Faber!

So far Pauline and I were able to find 4 Merlion worldwide.

1. Merlion at the begining of the Singapore River
2. Merlion on Mount Faber
3. Merlion inside Sentosa
4. Merlion in ShenZhen, China

The Merlion inside “Windows of the World” It was funny how we HAD to find it out during that day :P

More Pictures about Mount Faber here!