SanDisk ImageMate

Rule of thumb:
The cheapest tool always happen to be the most expensive tool….

Ever since I got my 2nd Digital, the  Nikon 4300 in Oct 2002,
I have spoiled at least 5 cheap HK$50 bucks card readers….

Oh well, I have been eyeing on the FireWire CF Card Reader by SanDisk…But when it is selling for HK$500…..

So today, finally, after 7 years of joy with CF cards, I have found and purchased a HK$250
card reader….when every card reader out there is below $100!!!

The SanDisk ImageMate

So far, with the tested speed, its 34mb per second transfer rate made me happy,
the better quality, harder and sturdier pins seemed to be able to last for quiet some time…

Hopefully….hopefully this could be my last USB 2.0 card reader
(maybe the next one will be a USB 3.0?)