Run, Shiro, Run

Time to return to my Jogging Routine. Starting the routine all over again after such a long time is quite a torture, especially the first few runs. Tonight, only did a very short & relax jog towards the reservoir. Its slower & easier, cos this time Bert, Ai & Shiro decided to join in!

We stopped half-way at the Bottle Tree Village for a break.

And Shiro had a bit of fun at the playground. He is sitting on the Frog ride! but well, he wasn’t any much interested to play, instead he was so tired by then and just lie down flat on any piece of land or grass patch he could get near to. :P

This is how tired he is.. haha..

Shiro Boy, you need more practise on yr stamina. So do I. :)


  1. Pauline says:

    well, i would wanna hike again. but pls pls find a easier route for beginners.. the last time the hike up the peak nearly took half of my life…

    haha.. kidding la, it was fun and u know what to motivate me to climb faster!

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