With my  “forever working” Aluminum Powerbook G4,
been working for 6 yrs and still working perfectly, I can hardly find an excuse for a new purchase….

Anyhow….well….erm…I have bought the MacBook Pro 15″ …..(for work!)   :P

PowerBook 5300 (not Mine, my big brother’s)
PowerBook G3 (My first laptop….costing me US$3092.60)
iBook G3 (for fun…)
iBook G4 (not shown….i have totally dissembled it, it was given to my sister and it rocked for 6 yrs!)
Aluminum PowerMac G4 12″ (The notebook i used for alot of presentation at college!)
and here the MacBook Pro 15″

Notice that the “Wallstreet” PowerBook still have the reversed Apple Logo!

Seeing the MacBook gets more and more refined,  its a real pleasure using them!!

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