Sweet and Salty? Potato and Cocoa? Royce Potatochip Chocolate

Pauline is the true fans of Royce’ Chocolate, a tiny piece of Royce’ chocolate would make her happy during a whole car trip.

So what she got to show me is the Royce’ Potato Chip Chocolate!

Evil. Isn’t it?  Its like chips on 1 side and chocolates on the other…. first thing in your taste bud detects the saltiness sensation and then follow it up with the nice sweet chocolates. Ending with the nice aroma in your mouth.

My Suggestion way to eat:

Let the potato chip face down when u eat it, I found it most interesting to eat it that way :P Just like a regular meal, salty taste always come first during a meal, right?

Calling it a turbo satisfying product? Fulfilling 2 wishes at the same time.

HK$75 per box and Royce’ counter can be found in the Hong Kong City Super
Official Site for the product:  Royce Potato Chip Chocolate


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