Pok Fu Lam Country Park 薄扶林郊野公園 Part 1

Kannie is always a desperate hiker at all time. This June 2008 had been raining almost everyday of the month and that the desperate hiker cant really stand it any longer!  So today I tried to bet my luck for no rain and bring Kannie to have a quick hike at the Pok Fu Lam Country Park.

The Pok Fu Lam Country Park had a few entrance, the one that I started most is from the Pok Fu Lam Road Entrance.  Another one would be entering from the Peak.

Direction to the Park by Car:

From Pok Fu Lam Road towards East side, the entrance is 5 minutes after passing Pok Fu Lam Park and the Queen Mary Hospital.  When you see the Pok Fu Lam Reservoir Road, make a right turn and go straight in, you will be passing by the Pok Fu Lam Horse Riding School on the right side…

Go straight in until you see a dead end.  Make a U-turn there and then you should be able to find some parking on the left side of you now.  I  have never tried getting a parking ticket yet (sure given that I have parked the car properly and did not cause any trouble to others!)

Ok, so here you are at the Park Entrance!  So far there is no rain and kannie could run run run!



As you can see… The weather is not that good today and the reservoir is flooded due to the heavy rain for the last 30 days!


And it makes the water fall looks really strong…..

Lucky that the trail is all paved and making it a bit easier to walk. So Kannie and I tried to walk as fast as possible to complete the trail (Approximate 35 mins walk to the peak, consisting 10 mins flatland and 25 mins uphill)…. and about 20 mins after we started….it started to rain, not drizzling, but pouring!!!! So Kannie is soaked wet and I decided to head back to the car asap!!

I am lucky that I have brought the umbrella,  but poor kannie does not have his rain coat with him and he had to walk really fast to get back to the car!!!! You can see how frustrated he is in the rain! Poor little thing!

We we headed home and Kannie had a nice warm blow dry by me :P  That ends the day and I am sure Kannie will have a good night sleep now.

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