Pok Fu Lam Country Park 薄扶林郊野公園 Part II

This post is to continue the last post: Pok Fu Lam Country Park 薄扶林郊野公園 Part I.
I wasnt able to complete it due to the rain and finally, a nice hot summer summer day is here and Kannie and I had another hike again!

So we started from the same spot and head up to the Peak! As you can see, the reservoir is so FULL! After 2 months of rain, I am sure Hong Kong’s 2008 water supply should not be a problem!


 Below pic’s path had been show in the last post…and the pictures after these 2, you will be able to see something new!


Keep on walking up and you will pass through the path covered with trees.  And in this area, you will notice that the temperature is so much lower! People call this the air-conditioned corridor in the wild!

After walking up for about 25-30 mins, you should be arriving the HK Peak area!

That is basically the end of the Pokfulam Trail towards the peak, and usually, Kannie and I would complete the walk about trail on Harlech Road/Lugard Road!!!!!! To access to that area, keep left of the car road, and you should be able to see it in about 2 mins walk. The Entrance is right next to the Peak LookOut Cafe.

See who We met! Its Justin!!!! He had just done his jogging and he decided to join us!

The Harlech Road/Lugard Road is famous for its scene, alot of tourist likes to come here for a walk for the view of the Hong Kong City!

After making a round on the Peak, we do ususlly end the trail and headed back to the PFL trail and go home!  and Yay! thats…

The End!!

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Useful information:

The Trail is about 8km long and it will takes approximate 1hour and 30 mins to complete.
Water and snack can be purchased at the Peak area

Please click on the map for detail about the trail!