Pauline’s Birthday in HK – Part 1

So its finally the big day for Pauline’s Birthday.  Since she had been working non-stop with 14+ working hours each day, my design for the day was to stick with a brainless, fun and relaxing Birthday for her!

Let me now reveal the itinery!

Arriving Hong Kong :P
Need to say more? a hug and  :*)

Birthday Cards and her 3 days Birthday Celebration run down booklet!
:P Everything well planned!

 Movie time!
I picked the  “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” because she loves dogs! And its a comedy, what can be better than that?

Lunch with everything shared!
Light and carefully chosen food to get ready for the day too!

A prepaid Spa/Massage/body Scrub/Facial/waxing session! 
A total relaxation, refreshing and kick off all the tired-ness!
The Sense of Touch Spa at Lan Kwai Fong was outstanding.  The lady there was really helpful.  They helped me with the set up and allow me to prepay for the session so that Pauline would just walk in and enjoy herself!  Pauline was totally refreshed after the session and wow-ed me when I pick her up!

Open up the gift :P A total ready for dinner attire prepared! Inside out!
So what to dress for Dinner? I didnt tell Pauline where we gonna be have for dinner but I told her thats its a nice place :P So what should she dress for the night?  The answer is inside the bag :P
A total head to toe, from inside to outside clothing package! Needless to think what to wear  :P
You will just not know how hard it is to choose. Size, Style, function (keeping her warm), Accessories….
Whats in the Bag? A lingerie set, a dress for the night, a jacket to keep her warm with heating pouch
and a cute little pink Coach Bag! :P

Anyhow, :P Seemed like all of my choices was correct and everything fits perfectly! Yay!

Picking her up with Flowers in the Car!
Her favorite purple colored flowers, matching with eucalyptus leafs sure will energize her from the tired-ness!
It made the room and the car smells really good  :P

Dinner at Lawry’s!


Been wanting to bring Pauline to the lawry’s to try my top favorite food, the Prime Rib! So I am taking
this chance to go there with her. She a seafood lover, and I am a meat lover. Lawry’s prime rib and Lobster tail was yummy!

 After Dinner, Birthday cakes at home!!

Yummy cake and Pauline’s new winter jacket too!

At last, after some chit chatting, a scented room with candles to sooth her to sleep for a deep rest well!!!


More pictures HERE!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart :*)

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  1. Pauline says:

    it was an ultra sweet night, being ultra pampered, with all the love and carefully thought and planned day for me by you.. even to the most tiny detail anyone could find. :)

    i’ll never forget the days & joy we had. Thank you, Darling :*)

    & of cos, not forgetting the sweet Kwan Family for getting me pretty surprise cake and the wonderfully delicious fun seafood dinner together! :)

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