:P the extra day!

:P oops, we missed the flight for him to go back to hong kong. (for the 2nd time)

Though, at first we panicked when he was not allowed to get on the flight… and then i started to worry abt his work back home.. etc

but honestly, i was secretly overjoyed that we’ve got another extra 24 hours with him! haha. the happiness felt a bit gulity though, as it was misfortune about missing the flight. ha, so i didn’t dare to show it too outright. We went to the airport and back home and napped a bit more, before we head out to make use of the extra day we had!

It was a really lovely day, as beach lovers, we already knew where to go! Sentosa beach (again!) have we got sick of it yet? Hmmm… i don’t think so. Always find something new to see, explore and play with.

You can tell it’s such a beautiful day!

Mum was really sweet, and prepared us some fruit snack for our day out. This pineapple is so sweet and yummy! One of the nicest, we’ve tasted. :)

La la la.. here we are, baking ourselves in the sun!

and he cannot keep his eyes open at all in the bright sun!

ps: what you need are sunglasses, baby!

We played till the sun set..

and again, it’s time to go!

It’s one of the few times, we get the chance of not driving and getting on the train from Sentosa Via Vivocity.

and we got ‘itchy-mouth’ and had to grab some snack before our dinner time with my parents. It’s some breaded hot dog snack from Korea..hmmm.. well, it’s not as yummy as we thought it would be.


and not forgetting, one of Andrew’s favourite drink, sugarcane with lemon! You can see a bit tad disappointment on his face when at first we couldn’t find the stall we went before for it, and then his face lit up when he found it! *giggles*

So this our blessed god-given extra day.

Thank god!


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