Our first Tennis game!

Its Pauline’s first official tennis lesson and the instructor…..was me!
This very unprofessional tennis lecturer (me) had not been playing
since I got back to work in Hong Kong (Since 2004)!!!

Happen to be very lucky to be able to book the last tennis court 45mins before
the game, special thanks to the online book system “Leisure Link
Pauline and I got ready and I didnt realise that we were in the
same clothing color tone again…..and again….and again!

Grey top, Black Pants and white shoe!


Basically I was just trying to let Pauline to get more feeling about
the length of a tennis racquet and the swinging feel!!

Cant wait for another play!!
It was really fun and Pauline and I really enjoyed the 60mins play!

More Pictures at:
 Leisure Link:

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