Our Annual Camping!

“We love the outdoor!”
Its September last month and its our camping season again. Autumn is just the right time for camping, even though this time we go was REALLY HOT, we enjoyed ourselves a lot!
Clam digging, relax in the sea water, seeing fishes “flying” around us, camp fire cooking,
night time talk under unlimted # of stars together with the sea breeze blowing at us, and the best of all…
Pauline spot her first shooting star while I am hugging her from behind :P
Heres a few pictures to share!
The pier to the camp site :)
We had lunch at the pier before we set off! :D
Our tent, all set up and ready to go play!!!!
Giant clam we found in the sand!
and yes, we did try to cook the clams! its so big!
Our dinner! :P Got my favorite food, the rib eye steak :P
and our brunch!
Our neighbor 1:
neighbor 2, a cow and his bird friends…

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