Our 1st Year Anniversary

Today marks our 1st Year Anniversary!! :D

The Boy :


2007. Truly an unique year for Pauline and I. Its sweet, its adventurous, its romantic, exciting and loaded with lots and lots of joy

So on the day of 27th January 2008, it is our 1st Anniversary ! Special thanks to the DHL guy, I got this package filled with the gift that I liked so much!

Its a Calendar for 2008! She made it out of scratch and wow, I like it so much and its really really meaningful

A glimpse of the inside :P Loaded with pictures and our special dates!


I am sure 2008 is going to be even more fun and exciting!

Thanks sweetheart!

(extracted from the boy’s blog)

The Girl :

2007 had been very special to us.

Though this year for our 1st anniversary we couldn’t make it to celebrate it together, we were still very joyous about this special joyous day of ours. And in addition, we coincidentally sent the same gift for each other, both sending the Year 2008 Calender, for us to make the next special, sweet and memorable year that we are going to have together as a WE, US, OUR thing :) The gift already shows us that we have the same thoughts

A glimpse of the inside of his gift hand-made calender for me, each page is marked with both HK and SG holidays and special dates and with pictures of our memories of our 2007!

Really loved this very thoughtful gift and felt so sweet when i received it!

This year have been really filled with so much sweetness, memories, romance, adventure, happiness and extremely lotsa love and i’m sure Year 2008 is gonna even better. Thank you for everything!

love u, Darling :*)