O dear, it died again!

Andrew had been trying to fix my HDD for the last few days. I know I know, this is the 2nd HDD i’ve killed, don’t ask me how i did it. I don’t know!

Today, we use iChat Screen Sharing, so that he could remotely access my mac and try to check if the repairs are done successfully.

Andrew:  *click click click*
he’s trying to mount the HDD
Macbook: *beep*
Failed to mount. Error messages popped out.
Andrew:  *click click click*
looking at the errors prompt
Pauline: hmmmm….

Andrew gradually moved the mouse cursor to iTunes and open the application
Pauline: *scratch head*

He is scrolling my music playlist and seemed to be looking for a song..

Pauline (thinks) : playing some songs for me while he work on my mac? *scratch head*

And…. he selected and played this song…

Mairi Campbell And Dave Franci – Auld Lang Syne
(click on the link above to play song)


Pauline picked up phone and called Andrew
*ring ring*
Andrew: hehehehehehehehe
he laughed cheekily over the phone..

He is trying to tell me to say good bye to my HDD -______________-“, i should be worried about the data loss on my harddisk.. but he made me laughed so bad. :P can’t help but want to laugh too!

Very funny, my boy~


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