My Love Plant Diary

Last year in Jan, he sent me a big pot of lavender by mail? Well, being no green fingers, of cos it didn’t grow. The only thing we thought it grew was soil and more soil. There was nothing growing except STILL that pot of soil. So this time, he got me a grow-it-yourself plant kit that he claims is even easier than the last one, and it’s quite impossible that i would fail.

so this is my love plant growing-up diary. It is supposed to grow in 7 days~

Love Plant Diary Comic

but well ………

after succeeding in growing it, after the 8th day, it started to die!!! :'(

Boy said, the next time, we would try to grow something together. So MAYBE less chance of me killing any more plants :P

can we grow some strawberries?! or some chilli to make some laksa?! haha…