MINI oil change…

oh yes, getting more and more fun with my cousin Adrian,
this time I bought a vacuum pump for changing oil on our own!

Pump ready, Mobil1 ready, Oil filter ready, tools ready!

Adrian giving the pump a few times to start sucking the oil up.

Waiting it to suck up all the old oil and it took us about 10mins, look at the used oil! its so dark and thick with carbon deposit…

a huge 36mm tool for the oil filter.

Taking off the oil filter casing!
Dirty and Nasty!! I wonder if they had changed the oil filter for me for
the last few oil change….
New oil filter waiting to be installed! remember to lube the whole thing
before you install!
After installing back the filter, top it off with mobil1!

Check with the dipstick and make sure its all the way to the max, then its all done!

Total DIY Cost:
Mobil 1 oil, $540
OEM Filter $40
Tools for oil filter: $140

We had a fun night and finally feels good to know that the car was being replaced with real Mobil 1 and a real new and clean oil filter!