My August Itineracy! Only HK$1050 + tax!

Tah Dah! My turn to visit Singapore again after my last visit in April!  Surprising enough, when I was searching from my personal favorite online traveling web site (Zuji), I found this deal to Singapore in the Summer holiday for only HK$1050, round Trip plus tax!

:)  My favorite timing as well, letting me to leave office on Friday Night, have the dinner on the flight, rest and wait to meet my girl for the weekend!  For the return flight, 6:40am, making it the perfect time to get the ride from Uncle to fetch me to the airport, and then I could be in office again before 12pm!

Lovely schedule. I wish I could stay longer.  However, its the annual schooling season during that period of time and I shall not leave the office too long!


  1. Pauline says:

    辛苦你了.. It’s ok, Darling.

    Just a short trip this time, but always could stay longer the next time after your busy work season la, or i’ll just go hk and look for u again :*)

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