Macau Trip (Part 2 of 5)

So we got our room once we reached Macau, The Venetian had coach bus bringing us from the Pier to the hotel for free and it was a really nice touch to the journey. (Especially in the rain!)

The hotel suite! All of their rooms are in suite and its really spacious and comfy!

Once we got our stuff settled, Pauline started to read the area map and began our
Venetian journey!!!

The Grand Canal Shopping Mall at the Venetian are extremely large!
With over 350 shoppes, sure everyone could be able to get something!!
(Pauline got a really cute handbag :P)

Walking along the canal and sure there is a lot of picture opportunity!

Naughty Pauline with the “Real” human statue!!

The Gondola ride is like putting tourist on display!

 After some walking and looking and shopping around the mall,
we decided to give the food court for a try! With soooooo many varieties,
honestly, it did spend us some time figuring out what to eat!!!

At last, we picked a Bacon and mushroom Pasta and a
Korean beef rib Pot and they were both very yummy!

The foodcourt make you feel like eating outdoor and the lighting inside the mall actually changes according to the clock! So its more dim at night and brighter in the morning!

After that, We went back to the room and took a nap…and ofcoz…more pictures!!

And after the 30 mins nap, we went out and continue to walk around!!!

Its the shopping mall on the 2nd floor and the casino floor in the lower…

The tiles on the floor is so cute! It helps to make the place “LOOK”
and feel bigger!

Then we went to the outside for a walk! It is really nice!



We and her new handbag…hahaha:P She likes ribbons!

After some fun pictures with the shadow of us, its almost the end of the day!!!
and its time to rest!!!

_____________________________DAY 2_____________________________

Whats a day without a good breakfast? I am sure Pauline wont disagree any single word!!

We went to Cafe Deco for Breakfast and its really nice, more than 100 choices and the food was really really good!! I would say this is the best complimentary breakfast I ever had!


After breakfast, since Venetian and the brand new Four Seasons Hotel were interconnected,
we walked to Four Season Hotel and to visited the Plaza Casino,
the shops at Four Season were all expensive stuff…we were not even interested but
sure its fun to look!

After some walking, we took a coffee break and got ourself ready for the some
Macau local fun!


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