Laksa Review #7 – Myojo Laksa Quick Cup Noodle

Hmm, This is the seventh review already!
People should have wondering if I got sick of it yet!
Luckily I didn’t sick or bored with it and I still like it as the first time I tried!

Up for trying is this Laksa Instant noodle by Myojo.
Made in the Malaysia.  Same as most of the cup noodle in the market, all I need to do is
to pour hot water and wait for 3 minutes!

 So this is how it looks like from the supermarket!

After 3 long minutes of waiting, this is how it looks like after removing the
seal.  Color just like the standard Laksa, Orange milky color in yellow noodle!

To be honest…I have been thinking that it will not taste as good as I thought and did not pay much expectation to it. However, once and again, these cup noodle had exceeded my expectation and its a great pleasure to finish it up!

In comparison with the Nissin Laksa Cup Noodle, The Myojo cup noodle’s soup base is not as thick and its a bit more spicy than the Nissin. But the Myojo did something else to make the soup base just as interesting as the Nissin but adding the extra “hae ko”  (a.k.a Singapore 蝦醬) taste to it.

I would give the Myojo instand noodle a 7 out of 10 too! Same as the Nissin

My hints for choosing if you are having a hard time choosing in between the Nissin and Myojo:

Since both of them have the very standard Laksa soup base, you could choose:
Nissin for the Thicker soup base
Myojo for the Spicier and the extra “hae ko” taste


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