Laksa Review #6

Okay, this time its for a Instant Laksa from Nissin Laksa Cup Noodle!
Pauline bought this for me so that I could try as many Laksa as I want to be!

The Packaging. How it looks like from the supermarket!

The Look after adding water! With Shrimp and Tofu on top.

Overall the taste is much better than I thought, got the Laksa Strong spice taste, with hint of chilli and lemongrass. The soup is thicker than the normal Cup Noodle too! Not much of the coconut taste though, and besides the noodle…Shimp, Tofu was found and its good and yummy.

This Nissin Cup Noodle sure is an instant relief for my Laksa fantasy! I would say it taste even better than some of the shops in Hong Kong!

I would give it a 7 out of 10!