iPhone Battery Replacement

Pauline has been reporting to me that the battery of her iPhone can last for 1/2 a day only… knowing that I was so excited because  it also means that there will be a chance for me to “Play”!

Tools ready, New Battery ready!

Opening it up!  There is numbering tag on each cable so its very easy to follow.

Tiny tiny tiny screws….look at the comparison with the micro sim card :|

Can finally see the battery….

The battery was actually sticked to the phone with a double sided tapes only -_-

Yay! Putting everything back and the phone can last for one whole day again!

The whole process takes about 10-15 mins, not a really hard job but
everything has to be done really careful.

Only cost me HK$50 for the fix…
most importantly it was fun to DIY!

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