The Miraculous long life iBook G3

Purchased in 2002 with my summer job pay in the SCU….this ibook has been working for 6+ years! She use it everyday and how possible for it to last so long?

So recently my sister had been struggling to go for the new MacBook or not.  Her only debate is that this iBook 600mhz is still running strong and it will be a waste replacing it!!  With a G3 600mhz processor and only 386mb of ram with Mac OS 10.4, its true that this machine do give a reasonable speed for her general word processing/internet and MSN!!

But well……I am still suggesting her to get the new MacBook for the new low price! The speed gain sure helps her to finish her work faster and better.  A gain in productivity and sure sounds more reasonable for wasting a working iBook than wasting her time, rite? hahaha evil brother evil me :P

hmm….What about my Powerbook G4 1Ghz?
Dont worry, i am still very happy with it :P