Hong Kong Disneyland’s 10th Birthday celebration!

We are pleased to be at the Hong Kong Disneyland 10th Anniversary Birthday Celebration!
To be able to preview the new firework, that integrated with the castle with laser images, it was a really fun night!Hong Kong Disneyland 10

We only made it to the park at 5pm :P So we could only make it on 2 rides (with a ride being the tea cups of cause…) to enjoy a dinner at
the royal banquet hall, the night parade and the 10th anniversary celebration firework!

Disneyland Hong Kong Celebration

Disneyland Its a small world

Disneyland Hong Kong Night Parade

Disneyland Hong Kong

Disneyland Hong Kong Birthday Celebration

The Birthday Celebration firework were spectacular! With the New laser wall effect, its a whole new experience!

Picture from SCMP HK

Disneyland Hong Kong Inside Out

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