Yay!! Prime rib at Hog’s Breath

Knowing I am a big fan for the roast prime rib,
Pauline found this new eatery and we decided to go for a romantic dinner!

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, prime rib, my top 3 personal favorite :D
(actually…what are the rest…?)

Hog’s breath is original an australian cafe,  now at Singapore Chijmes area at Cityhall!

yummy yummy prime rib with garlic prawns! Everything is above my expectation! Except the corn :P which is tasteless! 

They claim their prime ribs were slow cooked for 18 hrs and then seal it with a char-flame for additional flavor!

Since both of us are not really big eaters, besides the normal size rib eye, we ordered the
Appetizer Sampler instead of another main, so we can try more stuff :P

and a strawberry shake!

The Chijmes at night :)

After the dinner, we went for a walk around the SG river and head home!
Spot the Merlion and so here it is!

Thanks Sweetie for bring me there! A good find!


Website: http://www.hogsbreath.com.sg/


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