Hins Cheung 張敬軒 – Urban Emotion CD Album

張敬軒又有新CD出,不過今次特別小小,因為Pauline 為我在HMV webstore 幫我定了隻CD with the Autograph session 的入場卷!  星期五的下午,同嘉樂係燈籠街食過我最喜愛的生熟牛肉粉後就去左pick up the CD!


Cant stand the crowd and the heat, so :P I left after picking up the CD and went back to work!

Back to the CD, 總之就好聽啦, 有 他的故事, 櫻花樹下, Rihanna合唱的Hate that I love you, 仲國語版酷愛-吻得太逼真

送你們聽聽TVB 版本的櫻花樹下MTV :)

For your interest, you may wanna visit his forum H Icon Group forum too!

Thanks Pauline for the thoughtfulness! :*)