Happy Birthday starts with a Happy Meal!

Miss Pauline made me this happy meal to start my birthday!

Packed with all sorts of colorful ingredients, carefully decorated and being transported
1600km away from home, it was really sweet for what she have done!

And It even comes with fruits and desserts!

Waking up at 4am!! (or earlier???) to prepare this meal before she catches her flight at 6am!!

After the meal, Pauline presents me this box of homemade mini cup cakes!

I took the big A cup cakes and shared the rest with the family!!

What a fun way to start my birthday!!
Thank you so much and it was really fun!


  1. Pauline says:

    cupcakes took me 3 hrs, cos of all the colouring, moulding, cutting the sugar into shapes and perfecting the icing cream on it :P

    Bento also took me about 3 hrs.. as i’ve not done much cooking in my life :P
    colouring the rice with natural ingredients(veggie) to blue, purple, pink is the most interesting part to me. read those up from books and online bentos websites. really adore the creativity a bento can be.
    these creative bentos have started to interest me a lot :) could make some more later.
    some reference: http://justbento.com/

    of all the work, i’m quite satisfied with the outcome, esp when it amuses the Birthday Boy :P
    His Happy Meal for his Happy Birthday.

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