Girl’s Daddy 54th Birthday

Happy 54th Birthday, Daddy Bert Bert!

As usual, we had birthday dinner to celebrate, picked Japanese Buffet Hanabi @ Odeon Towers as Bert bert loves Sashimi a lot, esp when with lots of wasabi too. There’s a wide spread of choices of japanese food, though there was nothing much to complain about and nothing much to rave about too, the choices available to picked from made it reasonable for the price.

The only complaint i had is….

Why is Sadako eating sushi beside me!?! -_-“

The Ler Family & My very loving sweet Old Couple

and the two lovely daughters :P

After dinner, we wanted to go Fullerton One’s Bakers Inn to get some cakes for desert, but to our dismay, it had somehow moved. So we just took a short walk along the Merlion place.. and only happens that since we have nothing better to do, we decided to fool around…

Merlion Ler’s vomiting water?!

Alright, so the old couple were sporting enuff to do what we asked them to :P *giggles* So, the day ended with some nice birthday cheesecake which filled our tummy to the brim!

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