Girl’s 25th Birthday (Day 2)

Day 2

It’s both our 1st time in Krabi!

We self-explored our way to Railey area and had lotsa fun getting lost and finding our way~~ We had to take a tailboat from Ao Nang Beach to Railey. This is the Railey beach near the pier for the boats arrival/departure.

The weather is so great! with the nice sand and waters, and big rocks and cliffs everywhere!


We settled at Railey East area for our lunch!!

boy lunchgirl lunch

And from Railey West, we find our way to Phranang Beach. Enjoying the lovely views of tropical plams, greens, hills and sunshine!


along the way, we walked through caves… wow…. cool to see…


and finally got to Phranang Beach!! :D and …. we found this interesting famous Penis Temple corner at the corner of the beach. It is said that many people come here to offer prayers to these status of ‘Penis’, and believed that it is praying for bearing of boys for their offsprings. We do wonder how true is that? Hmmm..


and this beach is really pretty! with the caves over the waters… and very clear waters and white, soft sand! You can even see many small fishes in it, corals and even crabs!!! Very pretty beach place! love it! and behind the cave, we see people rock-climbing on the rocks!


the girl is trying to feed the little fishes some chocolate biscuits, but it seemed like they didn’t like them at all…

so we went snorkling, with new snorkling gear, which is one of the bday gift that boy has gotten for her :) we had fun snorkling, taking underwater pictures of the corals and fishes and of cos, each other.. fooling ard in the waters. hahaha…


after all the play for the whole day, before the skies get darker, we headed back to Railey west to wait for our boat back to Ao Nang Beach. These are LongTail Boats, the only transport back~


these boats are quite fun… u can actually go up dry and come down wet, as the wind and waters usually will splash right into you, and your faces when the waves are really rocky…. hahaha :P

As we sit together in our boats, we enjoyed the pretty sunset as our way back to Ao Nang …