Girl’s Fathers’ Day 08

Fathers' Day 2008

We had pre-celebration for Fathers’ Day two weeks in advance as i would be in Hong Kong at the exact time of Fathers’ Day this year. :)

Since Bert Bert enjoy seafood very much, we went to another highly raved international buffet at The Meltz in Mandarin Oriental Hotel


It has lesser variety than the Food we had in The Line, but ambiance is quieter, and lights are so much dimmer, making the environment more calm and more pleasant, and definitely more service oriented. It has also a BBQ grill section for certain days. Beside that, we really enjoyed the superb service, even over the phone reservation cancellation some time ago was so politely managed. Very attentive and friendly managers and waiters, and finally they gave dad a complimentary cake, and helped us take a photo, and surprise us with the printed photo as a gift gesture too. For service-wise, i would picked to go back to this place sometime later.

But well, on another note, i really think i don’t like buffet that much. As everytime, felt so obligated to eat as much as i can, but the problem is, i can’t really eat much, the only reason i would liked to go is to look and enjoy the variety without stuffing myself silly, and when i do, it doesn’t feel too comfy feeling a bit tat too full! So with comparison, i would rather spend the money to eat something nice with nice proportion and make myself happy and satisfied with the food quality, not food quantity and of cos, with lovely companions. But Bert Bert sure enjoy it more than i do.

Patold couple

Oohhh and getting bored… this is my desert plate! haha…

Happy Fathers’ Day, Daddy! :)