Fallen Star

18th September 2009 Night.

The first time i saw a shooting star across the beautiful night sky. It was a really starry night. havn’t seen such pretty stars for the longest time. They were practically blinking up there. brightening up the whole dark sky.

There we were, sitting by the beach late at night, against the sound of waves, starry sky. He said i might see a shooting star if i had look hard enough at the sky. I told him, i’ve never seen one before, and he seemed quite surprised. :) But as we sit by the beach during our camping night, out of no where, one bright spark fell from the sky. There, is the 1st one i’ve ever seen, and best of all, with all the loveliest favourite things around me. People say wishes come true when you made one during a shooting, i didn’t had the time to react after the excitement of discovering one. But when i think back, what would i wish for?

I know, i don’t really need that one wish, i couldn’t ask for more, for he is the best thing that happened to me. And here he is with me, we, being in love with each other dearly. :)

This is one of the romantic moments we had. have. and will have.




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