Fujifilm F100fd Continues Part 3 之美肌

So I finally got to meeting Mr. Chan and the future Mrs. Chan to get their invitation for their wedding!  We went to 鳳城 Restaurant for dinner and of cause… I have brought my new F100fd out for some more testing!

Since it is the first time I got the chance to take pictures for the human, I have decided to play with the portrait mode of the camera!  For the F100fd, there is 2 modes for taking portraits, the standard “Portraits” mode and the “Portrait Enhancer”. I wonder what is the difference and played with it!

Below are the pictures for tonight’s dinner, Left for the Standard and Right for the Enhanced mode.
(To view pics in larger size, right click on it the pic and choose open new window)

美肌前                                                       美肌後


More picture at my Photo Album, I will update the link soon!