Cooper door panel renewal

All MINI owers must had noticed that the door handle bar can be scratched easily.  So over the weekend, up to a point that I could not stand the scratches any longer, I have decided to repaint it!

Removing the door Panel is easy, since there is aplenty of web site teaching people how, I am not going to describe it here. It is very easy and all you need is a T-30 Torx bit and some guts!

After taking the panel out, I brought it up to my office and had the air con on to make sure that the Hong Kong Humidity will not “wet” the paint too much.  Cleaning it with detergent, slightly sanded it with some really fine sand paper, mask it and it is ready to be paint!

After some careful color picking, the painted that matches with the original mini cooper handle is the Tamiya TS-17 Aluminum Silver!

HK$25 and approx. 30mins of work, a Brand new looking door panel is back!


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