Clear Water Bay Country Bay Kite Flying!

During last winter, Pauline and I went to the Clear Water Bay Country Park for kite flying!

The Clear Water Bay Country Park is a famous spot for kite flying in Hong Kong, you may even buy kites from the tuck stop there and they have lots of varieties of kites to buy! Just remember that the tuck shop close at about 6pm and don’t be too late if you don’t have your own kite!

To get to Clear Water Bay, parkings can be hard if its a bright sunny day, be sure to arrive earlier!

Exact location of the Clear Water Bay

Exact location of the Clear Water Bay Click Here for Google Map

This kite was 1 of Paulines Birthday Present that I got for her!!



Proud kite flyer?!

Its fun to fly a kite on a Sunday afternoon, easy, casual and its a good chance to get some fresh air!

More Pictures about our outing HERE

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  1. Pauline says:

    and our kite fly fly so high until it look like the size of an ant so far away… and then.. and then… :~( it broke & flew away!!!

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