ByeBye Nikon D70!

April 2004-April 2008

The Nikon D70

It is second SLR and it is my first DSLR!  The D70 was the first consumer level DSLR introduces in 2004 Spring, marketing at US$1099. I could still remember the day that I was waiting for its official release! I placed my order from Circuit City on Stevens Creek in Sunnyvale, California!! Had to waited for a week for the stock to arrive and the sales told me that I was the first patch of customer to be able to get the D70 around the Silicon Valley area!

The built quality of the D70 was really really nice, hard and sturdy body.  Reliable and the extra extra long battery life was really surprising. The D70 had brought me a lot of fun! Capturing over ten thousands of pictures and sure its a great camera for a beginner to enter the Digital photography era.

This is the first picture with the D70! Do not know what I am doing but from the picture, you can see the boxes :P


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