Brunch @ Jaspas

Brunch, it’s my favourite meal!

Why? Cause i loved having breakfast, with eggs and all, and most of time during non-working days, we tend to sleep in a little later, with the sun shining on our butt, and then we’ll miss my favourite meal of the day, Breakfast. So, Brunch (breakfast cum lunch) is the best next option!

Being sweet sweet Andrew, he brought me to Jaspas at 中環 for our Brunch!  *grin*

Jaspas Restaurant

Coincidentally, we had brunch at Jaspas at the other outlet Sai Kung about almost exactly one year ago! The only difference is that we cannot bring Kannie with us this time.

We’ve loved the brunch the last time we visited Jaspas. This time round, it didn’t disappoint us as well. It’s really yummy with plentiful servings! The look of it already is very appetizing, isn’t it? :P

Pancakes with Banana, Maple Syrup and Vanilla Ice Cream!

Egg Benedict, Sausage & Bacon Sandwich

Not only did it look good, it taste good too! I finished everything on my plate~~ with a glass of my favourite cold milk~~

Andrew is busy attacking the fat fat pancakes!

Andrew is busy ‘attacking’ the fat fat pancakes!

What could be better to kick-start off a good day for us? :)

That just made me a happy girl :) haha..

_______________Jaspas Restaurant______________

地址 :中環蘇豪士丹頓街28-30號地下
G/F, 28-30 Staunton Street, Soho, (Central)
電話 : 2869 0733



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