Boy’s New Toy

Boy bought himself a new toy today, and was totally excited about his buy.

Well, he had been contemplating for quite a while whether to buy this model or wait for the so-called rumored Nikon ‘D90’. Oh yea, he’s a Nikon Fan. Eventually after so much thought, and him trying to convince himself why he should get a new one to replace his D70 with plenty of reasons *giggles* and me always would say ‘buy buy buy it lor’, he finally went to get it today!

And to share his excitement and happiness, he had opened up his box of his new toy with me on iChat.

Looking at his happy face, and having so much fun at the other side of the webcam, the notti girl secretly sceenshot his look on his face. The excitement is written all over his face.

So, this is my dear lovable happy boy!

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  1. Andrew says:

    Oh yea, the D70 had been with me for more than 4yrs!! 2004 April to 2008 April! Time to step forward to the D300!! and Yay :P So much fun with it :P

    Consider it my Bday gift to myself?

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