Boy’s 28th Birthday (Day 3)

Day 3

Hut D

This was our stay in Sentosa for the night. Don’t you think it look so familiar?

Oh yes, we stayed here for our first stay once last year too! Hut D in “Bugis” Section. That exact same hut! It’s memorable, and had asked specially to book this exact one again.

Tanjong BeachAfter checking out from our stay, we drove around sentosa island to explore the place and eventually went to peek at sentosa cove area. Next, we went to Tanjong Beach, this beach is more quiet and is more known to have more people bringing their pet dogs here for some beach play. Then, off we head to Palawan beach. Personally liked this beach so much better, as comparing to the waters of Siloso beach, the waters & beach in Palawan beach is so much more cleaner, lesser crowd and it has a big bridge connecting to another small island with tower overview. It is also known as the most Southernmost point of Asia continent.

This time, we were not playing with seaweeds in Palawan beach, but making many many air bubbles around us in the waters, makings us feel like we are soaked in some fizzy soft drink water. hahahaha… really weird and amusing too.

Next, there is another surprise for the lovely birthday boy. We ended up at AFond Spa @ Holland Village in the afternoon for our couple spa! It’s comforting and relaxed, with the body scrub, milk bath and full body massage for 2 whole hours. :D They give the girls really weird paper panties, while the boys had the normal ones!

Eventually, we met the gang – Kare, Leen, Kelvin, Jon for a sweet birthday dinner gathering for the Boy at TCC @ Bugis Junction, completed with another birthday cake from them too. Thanks guys!

We at TCC BdayGang at TCC BdayKelvin at TCC Bday

geylang durian

After we part ways, the girl and the boy headed for a short drive around in Geylang area for a better look this time. But this time, we didn’t want to leave the car. We has passed by the Geylang frog porridge place but were too full to even fill any more food in us, so we had to wait for the next time. There are many durian stalls in Geylang area too, another one of boy’s favourite food in sg.